Welcome to my blog942b0-me116! My closest friends call me AJ. I am a nature gal, love hiking, camping, sitting on my back lawn on summer nights listening to crickets and cicadas. I love the smell of fresh cut grass, old tents, old attics and old books. I enjoy drawing portraits, playing piano and guitar, and writing poetry. I’m interested in stepping outside of myself and experiencing as much of the world as possible. Living through the eyes of other cultures through travel or reading, stepping into the minds and experiences of others. I’m fascinated with things like quantum physics, the supernatural, manifestation, past lives, karma, the magnetic field around the heart, compassion, empathy, intuition, awakening consciousness, and the transmission of ideas through forms other than words.

In my blog here, I explore whatever catches my attention currently in my life, in the same way I would while writing in my journal. I live on the mid east coast in the US and was once a teacher in a school in NYC. I’m recovering from four years of chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue. I might also mention I’m getting over pyschological, emotional, religious and physical abuse in childhood. I’ve let go of a life time’s worth of trauma and toxic beliefs, and finally now the world feels like a safe, healthy beautiful place. Well, more than it did. Everything is new again, and I feel like a young child rubbing her eyes and seeing the world for the first time.

My life right now is in a state of flux, a state of transformation that is quite positive and gives me much hope. I feel like the mythical phoenix who sheds its old ways, burns in its own ashes, then comes to life again.

I enjoy getting to know my readers and would love if you wrote to share anything on your mind, or just to say hello!  My email is mimsycally@gmail.com. I also keep a blog at mimsycally.blogspot.com if you are interested in reading more!

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