I allow

My piano, my favorite piece of furniture in the house.

So I was messing around on the piano

the other day…

playing an old favorite, “Hey Jude”…

when I was struck with

some impressions…

and decided to write ’em down.



by AJ


let the notes take you

where they want to take you


let the timing take you

where it wants to take you


let your hands fumble

where they want to fumble


flaws are refreshing

room to breath.


let your spirit move you

where it wants to go


let your hands go

where they want to go


let your finger slip

where it wants to slip


perfection has mistakes

life needs cracks.


4 thoughts on “I allow

  1. AJ,I liked the messages here..as I have myself come to realize now that flaws actually give a refreshing room to breathe and life does need cracks. So perfection in itself is a mistake…a vital lesson I have learnt in my struggle to fight off this CFS/AFKeep going, I have not had time to read all of your recent posts, but I like whatever I get to read. You strike the rights cords somewhere inside..:) – B

  2. Awesome! I know what you mean about struggling against the illness. Had an epiphany about that concept recently. I've found that instead of fighting against it, it's refreshing to accept it and work with it as you would with an ally in a peaceable way, almost as if you had chosen it. Instead of putting a judgment of right or wrong on the illness, just be present with it. Allow it to work its way through, knowing that you are OK and safe underneath it all. Resisting it creates a block, but shifting your attention from it and focusing joyfully on other things allows it to move on naturally because you aren't resisting it. šŸ™‚ -AJ

  3. Very well said, my friend…That also echoes with what I read recently about Law of Attraction. If you focus on lack of something (say lack of health), that 'lack' would stay there stubbornly just because you are focussing on it (the 'lack', that is). But if you choose to ignore it and focus on positive instead (say possessing health instead of lacking it), then more of that possession (the health say) would be granted to you.

  4. Absolutely! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ I agree with the way you expessed this. Not to say this illness is only hanging around because of the way the mind thinks. At this point, the illness has ingrained itself physically. So I find myself discovering things along the way I can do physically to improve. Improvement is multi dimensional, physical, spiritual, emotional.

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