Our patio, coffee and OJ on the table.

I’m not sure why I always want to press the fast forward button in life. Or why I don’t want to talk about, accept and embrace what my reality is currently. Right now I’d like to be so much more mature, more loving, more harmonious, resolving situations wisely and lovingly, attracting peaceful situations. Right now I’d like to be living in the future, and if I’m still blogging then, I would like to report that I had a great Easter, that my family is harmonious and loving, and the day was warm and gorgeous. I’d have all these photos of us laughing, with me lively and strong. Or maybe I’d spend Easter elsewhere, picnicking outdoors at a park with a group of friends who are on my wavelength and are accepting, loving, peaceful, and full of the life. I don’t quite want to report how Easter actually went. But this blog is of it’s very nature honest. In the end, I do choose to be authentic, even if I want to project something beyond what I am.

So, I went to the homestead for Easter. It turned out pretty well. For the last year or so when I’d attempt to get in a car to head to the homestead, I would get weirded out and have this internal fight inside that would make me feel super anxious, dizzy and immobilized. I would end up crying hysterically and fighting nausea, and we would end up turning around and heading home, or we would go the whole way to the homestead and I would enter in the front door trembling and weak.

However, not this time. I rode along to the homestead with Thalia and Gloria, who was staying with us for the weekend. I feel safe with them, as we are each in tune with each other. It was so wonderful just hopping in the car with them, and not even having to think for a second about anything negative happening. It was like they were these warm, friendly buffers around me, and I felt natural and relaxed during the drive there. I was perfectly fine. Karl drove the two hours to his family’s house for Easter. I would have went with him, except I’m not up for long trips yet.

I was impressed at how a few particular things turned out over Easter. Thalia had a long, engaging conversation with Clark. I was shocked. She was friendly and pleasant. He tried to bait both of us by bringing up a story of his one friend who was abused by a Christian father, and who turned in disgust from the Christian faith and embraced Buddhism, eventually becoming a Buddhist professor at some local college. Thalia didn’t take the bait. She just ambled on in the conversation in a cordial manner. Later she told me that she felt empowered because she confronted him and spoke with him. She said she also felt sad for him because he was sending out low vibrations as to his negativity, his sense of worthlessness, and how he didn’t think he’d ever get a good job. So she was trying to lay some groundwork in showing him that he is valuable and worthy.

We had an old fashioned ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, creamed corn, fried sweet potatoes, green beans and chicken corn soup. The normal Easter basics, but delicious. I tried everything and my taste buds were singing. It is still a treat for me to be able to go literally anywhere, to any one’s house, and to eat whatever meal they serve. It’s like the sky is the limit. I used to have food allergies for almost three years. I could eat only five safe foods every day for three years.  I’ve been allergy free for almost 11 months now. It’s like I was set free from a prison. It is still quite amazing to taste different foods.

Oooh. Change of topic. I wanted to share how I’ve been watching this series “Call the Midwife” Season 1 on Netflix recently. There’s only one season though! Bugger! I am a sucker for authentic portrayals of the 1950’s. This show was set during this time period in south London, so you get the awesome accents. The slang is quite unique, phrases like, “stepping out with a chap,” or “She’s packed him in,” or “She’s up to her arm pits in bother,” or “It would be a gas.”

I discovered this other series on Netflix, “McLeod’s Daughters,” a few months back. It is set in Australia, on this old sprawling ranch. The accents are full of texture, the slang is refreshing, and the scenery is breath taking. Even the birds sound different down under. The characters ride around on horses, shear sheep, fix windmills and herd cattle. Their hair is a mess, or just slapped back in pony tails, they don’t bother with make up and they wear basic jeans and T’s. The natural look is under rated. I started speaking slang after 11 seasons (or was it 9?) of this show… stuff like the standard “G’day, mate,” to “good on you, mate,” or “I stuffed up.” One draw back though is that the series is basically a soap opera. I was able to get past this only because of gorgeous scenery, the horses and the accents. Have I mentioned that I’m planning on moving to Australia so I can live on a horse ranch and herd cattle, too? I imagine I could do the same here in the states, but it looks so much more appealing over there. Or maybe that’s just because it’s a TV show, so it probably seems more appealing there than it really is. Well, any excuse to travel is a good excuse.

Maggie as a kitten a few months ago, fully alert and ready to pounce.

On another note, I wanted to share how Maggie’s been doing. She’s been a changed cat lately. Since we started keeping her in the kitchen at nights, she has become a strong love bug to the first person who wakes up and lets her out of her “house.” When I am the first person to free her, she is all purring and head butting me with her face with this intense cat love. Then she’ll spend at least 10 minutes greeting me affectionately, letting me pet her. She’s also jumping up on my lap more in the evenings, curling up in a ball and purring. This is new for her. I am honored, because her old routine for the last four months in the evenings was to come put a paw on my lap, meoww, turn around, and hop into Karl’s lap, pretty much dissing me for the night in favor of him. But since she got fixed, she has become quite the different girl. She has this new habit of laying by the front door whenever any certain person in the house is missing. Apparently she does this when I go out on a walk. Karl says she lays waiting there until I come back. She did it when Karl first left to visit his family. After Gloria had stayed with us for a few days, Maggie decided that Gloria was a household member. When Gloria left yesterday, Maggie laid by the door for several hours, waiting for her to come back too.

 Well, it’s time for lunch. Will write more later.

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