Easier to love

I’ve been learning about reincarnation and past life regression lately. I’ve only recently been receptive to learning more, and so this is relatively new. This stuff is mind blowing. It gives me peace knowing that I have lived maybe thousands of lives before, and will live many more lives. There are so many things that I’ve always wanted to do and explore, and one lifetime is not nearly enough.

The thing that strikes me most recently though is that suddenly, it is easier to forgive my father for abusing me as a child. Because I have been many, many people in my past lives. I easily could have been a position of power where I could have been a religious abuser in one of my past lives, just like he is now. Even in my present life, up until recently, I myself was religious and a bit dogmatic. I thought I had to be tough with people, ignoring them and not being compassionate to them for religious reasons. I don’t place any judgement on myself for this, though. I didn’t know what I was doing. Otherwise I would have stopped, right? I thought God approved of this. I feared being punished by God if I didn’t act this way. If I hate my father for being abusive to me, then I am hating my own self. I love myself without judgement, so I love my father without judgement. If he knew who he really was, he would be so transformed with love that he would have no ability to do anything but love others. In another life, he will eventually learn who he really is.

I also can’t judge my mother, who allowed my father to abuse me. Because of all the thousands of lives I lived, I could have been a mother who overlooked my spouse’s abuse of my children. Out of fear, or out of ignorance, I don’t know. I can’t judge my older sister Louisa for allowing her religious husband to physically and emotionally abuse her two kids. In a past life, I may have overlooked the same thing.

I am everyone. I have been everyone. I see myself in everyone. I love myself, and I feel a warmth and love for everyone I meet. I have no judgement of myself or of others. We all reflect over and learn from our lives after we have lived them, and over thousands of years, we grow from young souls to more loving older souls. We carry over our wisdom learned through experience from one life to the next. As we learn compassion and love, we evolve into more peaceful, complete souls. There is no rush. There is no right or wrong. There is no punishment. It just is. We all get there sooner or later. Love wins. Love experiences itself through our human lives. God experiences himself through us. It is a divine process. And quite liberating. There is never anything you or I could do that is wrong. We are each infinitely loved, and we are infinite love.


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